Alexandros M. Reizian, DMD
General Family Dentistry

When people look at each other, the first thing they see is their smile. Your smile says a lot about who you are, but oral health is more than about how shiny, white and straight your teeth are. Dental healthcare is also about preventing oral diseases such as gum disease, caries, infections and cancer. Proper oral health is vital to maintaining good health for the rest of your body. By maintaining your oral health, you will maintain your confidence and overall well-being.

Dr. Reizian focuses his care on keeping his patients healthy, confident, and satisfied. His goal is to provide excellent comprehensive oral health care for your entire family. Though Dr. Reizian treats many oral conditions of the mouth, he places emphasis on the prevention of such conditions. His care includes routine dental exams, cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement, and much more. Come in to see Dr. Reizian to find out about his dental care services and see why our patients love their beautiful smiles.